Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rolling your own Mandarin lessons (from CCTV etc.)

There is a lot of Chinese content out there, and once you have picked up the basics it is fairly easy to find things that you can study and make your own exercises from. For example CCTV have a site where you can search for small video clips from news articles etc. Sometimes the site is a little broken and specific videos can not load but there is plenty that does work, and much of it has text transcripts. I uploaded the first one I have been playing with to youtube.

New reports seem to be special in many languages and are often fastpaced, I figure analysing and some repeated listening to this kind of material can be useful as part of a learning plan especially if you have some ability to zero into to specific subject areas (I have an interest in internet related matters).

I have the transcript that came with the video on my study materials blog.


Edwin said...

Have you checked out They provide short news articles with transcripts, but only one article at a time.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I watched a lot of CCTV when I was in Asia, but most of it was over my head. Beginner Chinese Mandarin lessons might be better for those just getting started, and CCTV or other immersian techniques later on. I suggest this free lesson for Mandarin newbies: