Thursday, December 27, 2007

CSLpod (thanks Edwin)

Edwin left me a comment that introduced me to CSLPod. Looks like another great resource for me to pull lessons from and reduces to the need to roll my own (although this has it own merits sometimes). The advanced lessons do indeed have news and current affairs topics with transcripts. I had a quick look at some of the other levels also and there seems to some good stuff in there also. It seems that students of Mandarin are really spoiled, we have a lot of resources on the internet to help us.


Edwin said...

I have been using the intermediate level for parroting. I find the host speaking at the right speed.

But then I find her explanations of the new vocabulary quite annoying. It is an example of monolingual explanation described in my blog.

Charles Frith said...

Hi. I'm sure the answers are tucked somewhere in your blog but I like to leave comments. Where can I find an online resource for learning emergency Chinese please?

Just the basics like turn left, right, straight on, please thank you and stuff? I need to listen to content repeatedly for it to stick until I build up a vocabularly so looping video clips or podcasts would be fab if you have any suggestions. This looks like a quality learning blog and I'm adding it to my feeds.


Chris said...

This blog is a little random in nature (I just blurt out stuff when I feel like it, now I been studying Chinese for a while I am going to pull things together elsewhere and make it easy to look up resources).

I would suggest Chinespod for individual podcasts you can pick and choose from. A more progressive course of podcasts can be found at
just find your level there and keep going... With the Chinesepod you should be able to find some lessons that have the vocab you are after and just overdose on them.

A combination of those, plus realworld Chinese (films, tv, friends, lovers, radio, random Chinese people you come across should do it).

I will have a further think, I haven't really had the same requirements as I am working from the other way around (I should be pretty fluent by the time I get to visit China).

Charles Frith said...

Thanks Chris. Solid advice and I'll be looking into those links. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy cslpod, I am only at elementary. The audio is good, starts slow, lots of repeats, two different speakers to give me a good idea of it. Only bugs are small characters, no pinyin or translation. Tho I easily get pinyin on pingasianimports and machine translation at worldlingo. So I'm okay with csl. I also use ting speaking dictionary and rutgers. Plus the excellent oxford starter dictionary. And homemade flashcards.

Good blog, xiexie.


Attila_The_Pun said...

I've started a toplist for resources for learning Mandarin online at Most of the sites are probably old hat to you but you might want to check it out.