Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Long time no see...

I am back!

Bloggers come, bloggers go, I come and go but now I am back. I have been very busy learning new career related stuff, learning so much that occasionally my head hurts. I also find that programming language and technology learning seems to drain the same resources as language learning.

I have not been completely idle language wise, I can read Afrikaans reasonably now (and Dutch to a lesser but increasing extent). I have had conversations in Mandarin when the opportunity presents but can't claim to be pushing the envelope there. I am ready to approach concerted Chinese learning again. My war with the language was delayed (a tactical retreat).

I intend to partially attack Chinese through the medium of technology, Mandarin is particularly well suited to an attack by a programmer I will be discussing a prototype to help with listening comprehension in my next post.