Monday, April 05, 2010

SocialMandarin and Chinese swear words

I will keep trying to interleave my posts with links to resources, today we have this site is very young at the moment and needs users to join and contribute so why not give it a go. It is a place for Mandarin learners to share and comment on Mandarin resources.

I am confident that you will already find something of interest there, I found the following on Chinese swear words and slang now I know why someone I follow on twitter occasionally drops 靠 into his tweets..


Niel de la Rouviere said...

Thanks for the mention! Really appreciate it.

Chris said...

@Niel de la Rouviere no problems, I think it is a sound idea, I will keep visiting and add the occasional resource also. Hope it pick up momentum, I think if you manage to pick up critical mass it could be very popular.