Monday, November 16, 2009

Unusual Chinese Learning Resource 1

I am starting to find that good Chinese learning resources are less and less conventional, sometimes I have mentioned them in forums or added them to lists of resources but from now on I think I will occasionally post a resource on this blog.

Today's resource is This website has some resources for Chinese people learning English with a number of regular postings everyday English 每日英语 for example. The dialogues are written only and sometimes the English they teach feels a little unnatural but the Chinese translations and explanations can be very interesting. If you have time check out some of the dialogues and see if you find any of them interesting.

This is not the first time I have found that resources for Chinese people learning English are of interest, the Internet is a huge boost over anything language learners had previously....


Trey Chen said...

well, the website u mentioned on your blog is not very known in China, actually it is kind of rubbish website, not too much people on it, u can try or those two are very popular english studying websites in china.

Mandarin Teacher said...


I am a Mandarin Teacher in Taiwan and just built up my blog. It is a draft version and I want to collect more learners' requirements and points of view. Welcome to visit my site and leave your comments about anything needed to be improved or something else, thank you.