Saturday, September 15, 2007

Customise video online

Video and audio together have great potential for learning languages, particularly in combining reading and listening comprehension (their is such and variety of options and combinations with sub-titles I will need to post about them soon. I have been re-mixing audio for ages but only recently starting playing with video text. I put an example on Youtube (see below) but the process takes too long with the tools I have at the moment. This one is taken from the Clavis voices of China project audio and text.

I was delighted to find the site this site makes it easy to put subtitles, comments, pictures, animations etc. over other videos that are already online. This is potentially a great tool for language learners and modify videos for language learning purposes. The video below is one I overlayed with subtitles etc. It is the video released by Max introducing his mobile phone in Chinese, all the subs and translations etc. were applied on the Mojiti site.
Not quite fair on Max as I am sure that he is good enough to be thinking in Chinese but it seemed a good way to get the English translation in.

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maxiewawa said...

Hey that's awesome! Thanks!