Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More content podcasts

Since my last post I thought about other podcasts I listen to that are not strictly instructional but can be used to educate. I am going to actively hunt out more so any suggestions would be greatly accepted. Today I will very briefly introduce Princess Remy and podcast BEIJING

If it helps I will try to be more diligent in keeping my delicious links up to date so you can always scan my Mandarin podcast links for an update.

Princess Remy is a Taiwanese girl living in Germany (mostly). She has been releasing one podcast a day for quite some time and there are approaching 500 podcasts now. Each podcast is a little like a discussion / diary entry and most of the early ones are quite short. Recently she has started releasing less often and longer podcasts for bandwidth difficulties I think (I still haven't properly caught up yet). The podcasts are entirely in Mandarin (well one or two German or English words occasionally in fact she just said "school bus" as I was typing this). You soon get used to her way of speaking, there is an awful lot I don't understand but on a really good day I can just about follow the meaning of an entire podcast. Basically just a nice consistent place where you can keep returning to get listening practice. One day in the distant future I will understand everything she says, which will be nice.

podcast BEIJING is released by an American guy. There doesn't seem to have been one since April but maybe there is an explanation I haven't heard them all yet. Mostly chatting in English but you get to find out a bit about Beijing and there is plenty of Chinese interview material thrown in for a little listening practice.


Brendan Lawlor said...

Thanks Chris. Very useful info. I envy your comprehension skills! It's still a real struggle for me to get the listening skills up to speed.

Chris said...

Brendan my listening skills are way in advance of my other abilites. I can't actually compose Chinese very well at all in real time. I have spent a lot of time on listening and need to find the best ways to work on the others. My vocabulary could do with a boost too.
You can often infer meaning if you get most of the words and picking out what you know from fullspeed Chinese is mainly just putting in the hours. I have a huge advantage for listening as I can listen whilst I work :).

It does help when you can spend sometime to tune into a new voice I am really embarrased when I talk to someone new in Skype and fail to understand even simple words sometimes. I wouldn't want anyone to overestimate my abilities the reason I can sometimes understand what Princess Remy is talking about is mainly down to listening to a huge amount of real-chinese and listening to a lot of Princess Remy ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the link to princes remy's. I just started mandarin and want to get used to the sounds of mandarin/etc ASAP and i didn't find anything good till this as far as good listening source.