Friday, July 14, 2006

Common Chinese word list (Pandagator)

A nice list of common Chinese words here: list of common Chinese words at Pandagator

This list strikes a particular resonance as I know almost all the words on it. Many have been important words I have picked up in the past couple of months.

This tells me that most of these words must be truly high frequency (otherwise I wouldn't know them ;)). It also suggests that the few I don't recognise or have forgotten the tones for are worth assimilating. Nice one Pandagator :)


pandagator said...

No problem Chris, I took the list from Jun Da's website, and just added the pinyin and definitions. I think if we all memorized just these main words, we would get the gist of most Chinese conversations.

Roling said...

Hi, it's Roling from Taiwan, I read your articles for language exchange experience, and I found some mistakes inside the list, they are 1.回來 return; come back 2.只有(not 隻有) only 3.以後(not 以后) afterwards, as you know we use Traditional Chinese in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

Guys, how about try this website to learn mandarin?

There are lots of videos for you to watch to learn mandarin and these videos are contributed by members.. You can contribute videos too to teach mandarin or english.. And you get to make friends too. It's all free!



Andrew said...

The link given seems to be dead so I found another one here:

It's a great idea, I'll be studying it for a while, thanks.