Friday, May 05, 2006

More flashcard info.

Just a quick update on my strategy for social Flashcards. If you are doing or will be doing the elementary podcasts on Chinesepod these may help eventually.

A very quick update on the flash card situation. I am working through the Chinesepod elementary lessons at the moment and after a little experimentation have decided to make a flashcard set for each lesson on Flashcardexchange.

There are only three there at the moment and progress may be a little slow but progress will be made. Also apologies for the random order but I tend to do the shows in my own order now.

The link to my flash cards is also in the links box on the righthand side of this page. Any comments, corrections or suggestions for improvements will be gratefully received. I have also posted on the chinesepod forum as I am interested to see whether others are as enthusiastic about social flashcards.

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