Friday, April 21, 2006

Shout outs and brief update

A few shout outs to other Mandarin learners with blogs, who I have encountered in some way. Also a quick update.

Here are three other Mandarin Chinese learners and their blog addresses, all of whom I have communicated with on some level or another. Hopefully there will be many more, particularly if learning Mandarin picks up outside of Academic institutions.

John in Australia has this blog about learning Mandarin and Chinese/Taiwanease culture.

Charles in Australia has this blog he has just started (looks like it is going to be interesting.

Last but not least we have Matt who has this blog some interesting things going on in that monkey brain there.

I have been too busy to post the last few days but have tons more backup in my tiny brain. There maybe a delay though whilst I make a few more tweaks to the template. Then I can apply a 'blog laxative' and get it all out.


CharlesChinese said...

Thanks for the shoutout. :-D I am just uploading the seconed intermediate lesson

Matt Whyndham said...

Nice one Chris. I've just going through the back-log of cpod in my itunes. Could be starting classes again next week ... if they get enough signed up. I bet I've forgotten lots due to missed classes and the Easter hiatus.