Saturday, February 11, 2006

Media choice

This is simply a place-holder page that I have back-dated to hold old media choices. The full page contains links to the media.

Please note this page has been abandoned. My media choices can now be found in my delicious media choice links.

A short documentary on Chinese online game players, obtaining items in the virtual game world to sell for profit in the real world. Thought provoking, the Chinese is hard but very interesting (also subtitles).

A tongue in cheek, mini-film. A Jewish girl reflects on the prospects of finding a partner in Beijing. She interviews a number of people to find out where she is going wrong (I wonder if she is really single?). This is the first of a series and a number of other interesting videos can be found at Danwei TV

One of a number of videos coming out of China-8. I don't think these guys will be direct competion for Chinesepod but the vids are a little interesting. The content is mostly reinforcement for me at the moment but there are a few choice snippets of information I latched onto. I hope these guys find their niche. If there is one problem with this one it is the wind noise although I like that as need more practice picking up non-clear (ie normal ;)) Chinese.

Great stuff, good to see people getting stuck into Mandarin :)

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